Tired of stressed life?

Meet Mindfulness

Perfect symphony of diet and excersises to empower your body and soul.

Spoil yourselves in one of the most beautiful ancient coast cities in Croatia. 



Learn the basics

Improve your diet skills

There are many core skills you need in the kitchen: meal planning, balancing your diet, cooking for health, budgeting, shopping, reading nutrition labels…

On a nutritionist workshop you will get precious knowledge and insights about food related issues.

Special topic is about health issues, and how you can overcome challenges in that ares like celiac disease, diabetes…


Masterchef your diet

Personalized meal plans and recipes

On the mindfulness course you will find out which diet suits you best, get a personalized meal plan and easy recipes for every day.

Don’t worry, you won’t become a profesional Masterchef. Instead, you will get cooking basis and personalized recipes.

Did we mention that you will have much fun in that process with famous chef Deniz Zembo?


Learn how to burn calories with exercises

Exercises, exercises and exercises.

Work-related disorders (neck, shoulder or lower back pain, stress, etc.) aren’t just limited to heavy manufacturing or construction. They can occur in all types of industries and work environments, including office spaces.

Participants will learn basic excersises which you can do even in your office.

You won’t forget about the importance of breathing, because you will learn techniques that help lower stress.

Mindfulness takes place in one of the beautiful places in the world.

Place to be is city Pula, famous for 3000-old roman Amphitheatar and beautiful beaches.

Pula is capital of region Istria, which is declared for best olive oil in the world and well known because of its good wines.

Chef Deniz Zembo will get to know participants with Mediterranean diet, which is declared best in the world.

Treat yourself


2503-day stay
  • Accomodation (classic room)
  • Breakfast included
  • Meal plan (one week)
  • Nutricionist workshop
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4003-day stay
  • Accomodation (superior room)
  • Half board
  • Meal plan (two weeks)
  • Nutricionist workshop
  • City tour
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6003-day stay
  • Accomodation (premium room)
  • Full board
  • Meal plan (month)
  • Cooking classes
  • Yoga classes
  • City tour
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