How to recognize and cure blood iron deficiency?

Iron deficiency in the blood is the most common health disorder. Of all types of anemia, the most common is sideropenic anemia, i.e. anemia due to iron deficiency in the blood.

Although everyone is exposed to iron deficiency today, it still affects children and women more often. Children consume large amounts of developing iron, while women lose iron in their blood every month during menstruation How to recognize anemia • Exhaustion Although today stress and an accelerated lifestyle are the triggers for exhaustion, it is important to pay attention to this symptom. If with normal efforts you feel exhausted, lethargic and unable to concentrate, the reason may be anemia.

• Heavy menstruation Do you suffer from heavy menstruation every month? The reason for this may be anemia. Due to the lack of iron in the blood, it is possible to lose even more blood. Check the blood test as soon as possible and have an examination by a gynecologist. Perhaps heavy menstruation is the main cause of anemia.

• Pale face If you are always pale you probably don’t have enough iron in your blood. Hemoglobin is responsible for a beautiful and healthy complexion. The face should be slightly pink or ruddy, and by no means pale. Also, check the inside of the lip. If she, too, is pale, you must be suffering from a lack of iron in your blood.

• Rapid heartbeat If you feel that your heart is skipping often, not beating properly or beating fast, it is probably not heart disease but anemia. See a doctor as soon as possible and draw blood.

• Lack of air Even though you try to breathe deeply and calmly, it fails you. The reason for this is the small amount of oxygen in your blood that makes you feel like you can’t breathe all the way through. If this happens to you more and more often, and you don’t suffer from anxiety, be sure to see a doctor. You should not get carried away doing your usual daily tasks.

• Restless legs You wake up every night and can’t fall asleep, feeling like your legs are restless and you can’t calm them down. The reason is restless legs syndrome, which occurs in as many as 15% of people who have a problem with iron deficiency in the blood. The lower the concentration of iron in the blood, the more you will feel this symptom.

• Hair loss Due to the lack of iron, the body sends oxygen to those parts of the body that are necessary for survival. Since the hair is not, it will fall out.

Of the other symptoms, the most common are:

• low blood pressure

• feeling cold

• decreased concentration

• reduced immunity

Replenish blood iron with natural foods Iron contributes to human health, better concentration and memory, fitness and development. The most important thing is the proper distribution and intake of food to meet all nutrients, including iron. In the elderly, iron deficiency may also be associated with malignancy.

Iron is one of the metals found in food and which is essential for human life. Man ingests up to 20 mg of iron daily through food, of which only up to 10% of iron is absorbed into the body.

To provide the body with all the needs of iron should work on a proper diet. 1 mg of iron per day will be enough for men, up to 2 mg of iron for women of childbearing age, and up to 3 mg of iron per day for pregnant women. Iron is absorbed from the stomach and its utilization is higher on an empty stomach.

Natural sources of iron

• green leafy vegetables (chard, kale, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, rocket)

• legumes (peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans)

• integral rice

• oatmeal

• tofu

• soy

• pir

• sesame spread (tahini)

• nettle

• cycle

• tomatoes

• strawberries

• plums

• pomegranate

• grapes

• chokeberry

• almonds

• figs

If you suffer from a lack of iron in the blood, in addition to these foods, be sure to include dietary supplements in the form of vitamin C, because it will help you absorb iron better. If your diet is based on foods of plant origin, it is important to include vitamin B12 in your diet every day because it participates in the development of red blood cells. Since tea and cocoa make it difficult to absorb iron, it is advisable to consume them an hour before or an hour after a meal. Avoid eating bad carbs, so replace white sugar with brown.

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