Teach yourself to have an healthy relationship with food.

Teach yourself to have a healthy relationship with food.

Learn about Circle Diet

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Learn about Circle Diet

Hey, I’m Deniz!

Circle Diet is a guide that helps you improve your health by providing personalized guidance for your daily nutrition.


Diet & nutrition guides

Specifies what groceries suits for each person and gives a personalized meal plans.

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Health guides

Feedback and tips&tricks about your health issues, such as food intolerance and allergies.

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Perfect symphony of diet and excersises to empower your body and soul.

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Circle Diet rounds whole nutrition in 7 circles.

Every type of food, starting from unprocessed food to meat and fish, is compiled in 7 circles.

Circle Diet concept helps you to find out what circle belongs to you, that is what nutrition is best for you as an individual.

#1 Raw

Gift from mother nature. Choose between fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds, wild herbs and algae.

#2 Raw cooked & Processed

Numerous combinations. Get creative by mixing, cooking and processing the best raw ingredients.

#3 Gluten and Starch

Two of a kind. Dynamic duo that will add a valuable nutrients to your diet.

#4 Milk and Diary

The source of calcium. Milk, cheese, yoghurt are a good source of many essential nutrients.

#5 Poultry Meat and Eggs

High-quality protein and low levels of fat.

#6 Red meat & pork

Protein builder. Rich source of protein, saturated fat, iron, zinc and B vitamins.

#7 Fish, crabs and mollusc

Sea alfa and omega. Contains omega 3-fatty acids which are crucial for optimal body and brain function.

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Meal plans

You get customized diet, recipes and excercises to enhance active life style and improve your health.

Meal plans

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Mindfulness package include nutrition workshop, diet and fitness plan and health wellness in beautiful Croatia, home of Circle Diet. The headquarters complex are just 50m distance near famous roman Amphitheatar.


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Until you get your nutrition right, nothing is going to change.

Damjan Bistricic (42): I had a significant food issue problem. Circle Diet regime and its founder Deniz helped me a lot. After three weeks of program I lost 9,5 kilograms. The main factors were reducing red meat, especially pork, and increased consumption of vegetables, olive oil and poultry. Now I have a balance in food, eat healthier and feel better overall.

Success stories

By changing your diet , you can change your entire physiology.

Dario Finci (32): I had a food disorder for a quit long time. Circle Diet helped me a lot during challenging times. Now I have balanced food habits and I am satisfied customer.

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